• Dr. den Boer's 11 Healthy Travel Tips

    Whether for business or for pleasure, the many stresses of airplane travel can put a major damper on health - especially when it comes to gut health! As the majority of our immune system, the gut also affects hormone production, inflammation, and brain function. Fortunately, Dr. den Boer has many solutions to implement before, during, and after traveling to keep your gut and your immune system in peak health! 


    • The day before, he always aims to exercise and to sleep well to keep his energy high and immune system strong.
    • Traveling by airplane is very stressful on the body, so he ramps up his immune system by taking Ultra Potent-C®1000. Usually, he takes 4 - 6 per day the day before, the day of, and the day after traveling as well as on the trip back.  


    • Dr. den Boer always packs a bottle of Mycoferon™, which contains potent extracts of immune-boosting mushroom strains. From sinus infections to the flu and upset stomach, Mycoferon is a very fast immune booster and multi-tasking remedy for many travel conditions. He usually recommends 15 – 30 drops three times during the day of travel for prevention, and a similar amount for treatment of conditions.  
    • If he's traveling to a country where water waterborne illness – i.e. digestive upset – is a problem, such as Mexico or Africa, he takes Probioplex® Intensive Care, which contains biologically active immunoglobulins to boost intestinal health. He usually takes 2 tablets three times per day as a preventative measure. If digestive upset occurs, he recommends 4 - 6 tablets three times per day. He often hears from his patients that they were the only ones left unaffected by traveler's diarrhea because they took this product! Note: For those that are extremely sensitive, this product does contain dairy and should be avoided. 
    • He also takes one UltraFlora™ Integrity daily, which is an incredibly effective, clinically proven probiotic to support the gut. It also produces bacteriocins, which eliminate waterborne and food borne pathogens. 
    • When it comes to airport food, Dr. den Boer advises avoidance when possible and to pack your own food. Examples of portable healthy foods include chopped vegetables, nuts, avocados, sardines, apples, and one of Nature’s Remedies’ bars, like an UltraMeal® Bar, a Pure® Bar, or a Raw Organic Food Bar®. As always, be sure to adhere to TSA food and beverage requirements, which can be found here.
    • Because travel involves a lot of sitting, he adds in movement whenever possible. If he has a long layover, he walks the terminals to get some extra steps in, and during the flight, he walks the aisles every hour. Though it’s tight in the airplane bathrooms, his personal preference is to also perform squats in the bathroom!
    • No Jet-Lag® is an awesome homeopathic formula from New Zealand that helps combat the effects of jet lag by more than 50%! Dr. den Boer chews one tablet on each takeoff, one about every two hours, and one after landing to adjust to new time zones quickly. 


    • Dr. den Boer always showers as soon as possible upon landing to rid of potentially harmful bacteria.
    • For those that have constipation issues from travel, he recommends one scoop of MetaFiber or one capsule of Super Aloe 250 at night to help keep the gut moving. 
    • He always brings along Amerigel™ for wounds due to outdoor activities and adventures, and the very powerful anti-inflammatory Traumeel® x ointment for any bumps or sore body parts.

    While traveling may invite indulgences, indulge responsibly! Choosing mostly whole, plant-based Mediterranean foods (olives, fish, greens, avocados, nuts and seeds, etc.) will keep your energy and health well during and after your travels! 

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