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COVID-19: A Contagion of Fear

COVID-19: A Contagion of Fear I am watching with amazement how COVID-19 has developed into a contagion of fear. I last witnessed this in the early 1980’s when the first cases of HIV (also caused by a mutant RNA retrovirus) erupted, spreading panic and fear. 

News to Use: A Commentary on COVID-19 by Dr. Adrian den Boer

News to Use: A Commentary on COVID-19 by Dr. Adrian den Boer There are still a lot of unknowns surrounding COVID-19.  Data is rapidly emerging but largely preliminary.  Medical journals and researchers are publishing things with less scrutiny than usual due to a need for quick answers.  However, I have been reading all the information available, have listened in on teleconferences between doctors in New York City – the U.S. epicenter of the pandemic – and gathered thoughts from specialists in infectious diseases, and there are a few pieces of information I feel are worth conveying at this point. 

Strengthening Immunity

Strengthening Immunity Cases of COVID-19, or coronavirus have been steadily increasing across the globe and worries continue to rise, especially surrounding travel. At DBC and Nature’s Remedies, we have been barraged by questions regarding keeping immune systems raised in the case of necessary travel (especially flying) where the virus is known to spread. Even if you’re staying home for the time being, many of these supplements and recommendations are still applicable to boosting your body’s defenses and ability to fight viruses, bacteria, and infection.