Ear Candle

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Ear Candles are an ancient Egyptian method for pulling wax out of the ear. This product works well only when the candle can reach the wax. Ear Candles are hollow cones about ten inches long. They are hand made from unbleached Muslin Cloth and a special wax. Using ear candles is more comfortable and less expensive than conventional ear cleaning in which water is forced into the ear canal. When using an ear candle, the small end of the candle is put in the ear and the other end is lit. As the candle burns, the smoke travels into the ear canal warming the ear and creating a gentle vacuum. This can dislodge the wax or foreign debris and pull it into the ear candle. Many report this as being a rather pleasant sensation. Most often an improvement in hearing is reported after using the ear candle to remove significant amounts of wax. Consult with your healthcare professional as to whether or not this product would be effective for you.

Read directions fully prior to use.


Directions: You will need a glass of water, paper plate, matches and a friend to help. Cut a cross in the center of the paper plate big enough to put an Ear Candle in snugly. The small end is to be on the bottom side of the plate and sticking through far enough to enter the beginning of the ear. Lay on your side, pull all hair away from the ear and place the small end of the Ear Candle in your ear (make sure the candle is pointed up towards the ceiling) and hold the candle gently between your fingers. Be sure you do not squeeze the Ear Candle. Make sure the small end is well seated in the ear. Never use Ear Candles without a second person with you. Now have the second person light the Ear Candle with a match. the second person is to supervise the burning of the Ear Candle. Slant the candle slightly, without breaking the seal in the ear. If the Ear Candle is not well seated in the ear when you start, or if the seal is broken at any time during the burning, you might notice smoke coming out the bottom around the opening in the ear. Stop immediately and start over. When the candle burns down to about 3 inches from the plate, which will take approximately 15 minutes, the second person should take the plate and candle from the ear and put the fire out by dipping the candle into the glass of water. Unwrap the candle. Some of the solid wax and the powder is from the candle itself.


Warnings: If the seal between your ear and the candle is broken at any time then you may see some smoke coming out of the ear. Stop immediately. Blow out the candle, pull from ear and start over. The candle has lost its draw.

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Made from food grade wax - not beeswax



*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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