New Product Names

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New Product Names

All our Ortho Molecular products are going through a relabeling process. To be allowed to continue selling these products on our online store, Ortho Molecular is requiring that we private label them. See below for a guide to the previous and new names.

Please note that these products are not changing in any way aside from the new names/labels.

We’re going to try to make this process as seamless as possible. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

(New product names in green have already switched over) 


New Product Name:

Previous Ortho Molecular Name:

Adrenal Complex AdreneVive
Aloe 250 Super Aloe 250
Berberine Complex CM Core
Bergamot Plus Bergamot BPF
CereBoost CereVive
Cognicalm  CopaCalm Liquid
Collagen CollaGEN
Collagen Stick Packs CollaGEN Stick Packs
DG Digest DG Protect
GastroEase Motility Pro
IGG Plus SBI Protect Powder
Immune Prime WholeMune
MicroBalance Paracid Forte
Multimineral Complex Reacted MultiMin
NK Pro NK Stim
Prebiotic Plus PhytoPre
Probio 225 Probiotic 225
Strontium Strontium
Thyroid Plus Thryrotain
UT Protect UT Defense
UTx Cystistatin
ViraSupport Viracid
Vitamin D3 Liquid Vitamin D3 Liquid
Vitamin K2 180 mcg Vitamin K2 180 mcg


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